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Kung-Fu Carp Fishing

CarpCoverKung-Fu Carp Fishing is an irreverent and entertaining guide to fly fishing for common carp.  In the spirit of Sun Tzu’s  The Art of War and The Curtis Creek Manifesto, this unique and colorful book imagines the art of catching carp on the fly as an ancient secret, protected for centuries by fearsome warrior-monks, only to be divulged now through a series of martial arts-style lessons.

Available on Amazon from Iron Ring Publishing

Seven Secrets of Bass Fishing

A collection of hard earned fishing wisdom that will improve your bass fishing fun and success!  Follow this link to receive your free PDF copy…

Tenkara + Family

A reflection on combining the joys of family with trout fishing.  Published on the Tenkara USA blog.  Read more…

Fly Fishing Videos

A short article that links to some of the best fly fishing videos I have found on the web.  Read more…

2 thoughts on “Books & Articles

  1. Hi, I just learned of your site and carp fishing book.!Great material! We seem to share a bunch of things; I’m a retired jr high math teacher, fish UL jigs of my own making for carp & others, used to write on light jig fishing for the original Fishing Facts magazine, Bassin, and others, enjoy Tenkara, and am a former instructor of American Combatives. Anyway, saw a mention in your blogs of Tenkara for carp -any tips for this? I’m going to try as soon as we get rid of this new batch of snow here near Pittsburgh, PA ! Also to warm up the evening will order the kindle edition of your book thru Amazon! Keep up the great writing! John McKean ( email : )


  2. Hi Again, I bought the Kindle edition of your carp book last night, and REALLY enjoyed it ,on a coldwinters,err SPRING-with snow – night! It was cool of your references to “wing chun” , a style I studied for a few years and could relate to! For some years ,a while back, I was Western Pa chairman of the Carp Angler’s Group, but was virtually alone in using artificials (my own small jigs) for them, despite obvious productivity, and methods similar to yours. Also loved your mention of orange jigs – I’ve devloped one this winter of orange wool, with real buffalo hair as hackle or legs, that has been catching the heck out of early trout, and I’ll soon be testing on local carp ! You can see some of our orange wool tied jigs at our website,, . Hey, thanks for the inspiration for getting after carp this season! JOHN


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