Oregon 2018 Part 3: How to Catch a Sturgeon on the Fly

The demise of our inflatable boat changed my fishing strategy. I had planned on using the boat to fish for carp on a number of backwaters and lakes connected to the Columbia River. Instead, I had to focus on places with shoreline access. Despite this turn of events, the fishing only got better and the fish only got bigger. I landed a couple of chunks and just missed one beast that was probably over thirty pounds.

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Oregon 2018 Part 2: Listing to Starboard


The view from Oregon to Washington

Ever since we started visiting the Columbia Gorge, Tara has wanted to paddle across the river from Oregon to Washington (visiting different states is a bit of an obsession for people from Hawaii). Last spring we packed up our Sea Eagle inflatable kayak and brought it to our cottage on the Columbia River. I was excited to be able to take it out on the water this summer but the boat was going on ten years old and it had not been inflated in over a year so I decided to start small and work up to an interstate adventure. Continue reading

Spring Break Part 1: Out of my Jurisdiction

This month, Tara and I enjoyed a little Spring-break trip to visit some friends back in Nashville. Taking advantage of the unreasonably warm weather I dragged our gracious hosts out to some of my old fishing haunts.

I was hoping to get a shot at some carp but they proved scarce. Luckily, Justin found a sweet spot and we spent the morning catching crappie with our carp flies.

The following afternoon we hit a different spot. I kept my eye out for any stray carp but mostly we prospected along the shore for Springtime bass. Before we had made it half a mile I had lost half a dozen flies in the rocks, with only a solitary sunfish to show for it. Justin had lost about as many lures, but he managed to save the day with a couple of nice bass.
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