Spring Break Part 1: Out of my Jurisdiction

This month, Tara and I enjoyed a little Spring-break trip to visit some friends back in Nashville. Taking advantage of the unreasonably warm weather I dragged our gracious hosts out to some of my old fishing haunts.

I was hoping to get a shot at some carp but they proved scarce. Luckily, Justin found a sweet spot and we spent the morning catching crappie with our carp flies.

The following afternoon we hit a different spot. I kept my eye out for any stray carp but mostly we prospected along the shore for Springtime bass. Before we had made it half a mile I had lost half a dozen flies in the rocks, with only a solitary sunfish to show for it. Justin had lost about as many lures, but he managed to save the day with a couple of nice bass.
Next Time: Settling Score