Oregon 2018 Part 1: Mount Hood Country

We are back to our regular lives in Honolulu. Back to our cat, our garden, our jobs, and back to the salt – the waves, the tides and trade winds, bonefish and papio. A month away is a long time. Significant things happen in a month, and mundane things too, like old water heaters and broken gutters. Things are lost and gained, friends met or missed, places changed or discovered.

July was a pretty big adventure. A lot happened. I will try to put the best of it into words, especially the fishing, but the memories are already blurring a bit. I can’t help but be reminded of the timeless words of Norman Maclean: “Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.” Or, perhaps, I am just getting older. Continue reading

Standing Ovation

IMG_20150714_091649One beautiful summer evening after a dinner of tacos and beer at the Trillium Cafe, Tara and I took a walk. We followed Hood River from downtown, stopping to eat a few fat blackberries before making our way onto The Spit, a narrow park extending into the Columbia River.   Continue reading

A Small Mouth Secret

My summer fishing is o-fishially under way (you like that don’t you?). Yesterday I spent the afternoon on Percy Priest Lake. I managed to land my first smallmouth bass of the year on a little weighted nymph. The best part about this fish is that it is hiding right under everyone’s nose, in a spot so obvious that none of the thousand self proclaimed Bass Masters zooming around the lake will find it.