Oregon 2018 Part 1: Mount Hood Country

We are back to our regular lives in Honolulu. Back to our cat, our garden, our jobs, and back to the salt – the waves, the tides and trade winds, bonefish and papio. A month away is a long time. Significant things happen in a month, and mundane things too, like old water heaters and broken gutters. Things are lost and gained, friends met or missed, places changed or discovered.

July was a pretty big adventure. A lot happened. I will try to put the best of it into words, especially the fishing, but the memories are already blurring a bit. I can’t help but be reminded of the timeless words of Norman Maclean: “Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.” Or, perhaps, I am just getting older. Continue reading



img_2453I have gone papio fishing a few times this Summer, but mostly I have been fly fishing. It’s not that I prefer fly fishing, rather it is that I have an ulterior motive. Continue reading



Ed hunting triggerfish

If Ed Tamai is Oahu’s most venerable bonefish guide, then Makani Christensen is the Island’s most energetic and ambitious. Both men are dedicated professionals and I can tell that spending time on the water with them has started to push my fly fishing game to the next level. Continue reading

The Omilu’s Strike Zone

IMG_20171010_082121 (1)In the course of some internet research I found a link to Hawaii’s Mike Sakamoto Presents 101 Fishing Tips on Google Books. The relevant section was “The Omilu’s Strike Zone” and I clicked on it excitedly. Mike Sakamoto was one of the most recognizable faces in Hawaii for his long-running television show, Fishing Tales. He also wrote several books on fishing in Hawaii and I was very interested in what he had to say about catching big trevally. Continue reading


IMG_2026This summer, after prolonged and careful consideration, we bought a pair of inflatable stand up paddle boards from Bote, the 11’ Breeze and the 11’6” Drift. Our first excursion was to the North Shore where we made a round-trip paddle between two beach parks. Along the way I experimented with fishing in a few spots. The conditions were excellent and I quickly hooked several papio. The third was a little bigger and nearly pulled me into the surf zone. I had to do a quick release and catch a tiny wave to avoid getting capsized.
Continue reading