Mirror Image

The day before I flew to Oregon for my friends wedding I went carping in my usual spot. I located a feeding carp in about two feet of water. It was moving directly away from me and I was having trouble putting my fly in it’s path without lining it so I started to creep around to the side, trying to find a better casting angle. Due to the direction of the sun, as soon as I moved to the side the glare completely obscured the fish, but I kept creeping, hoping the fish would keep moving in the same direction. Fat chance. When I got about half way around I spotted the fish again, about 10 feet away and moving directly towards me! With as little movement as possible, I swung my rubber legged nymph and plopped it down in front of the fish which leisurely moved over and inhaled. I set the hook and the fish took off into deeper water.
When I finally lifted my net out of the water I was surprised to find a mirror carp flopping around with my nymph in it’s lip. Now I just have to find a grass carp to complete the team…

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