Oregon Fishing Part II

While fishing in Oregon, one must visit the cold clear rivers and do some trout fishing. One must also not get frustrated when two good sized rainbows manage to squirm free in the span of five minutes. And one must not swear so loudly as to scare the other fish when one realizes that he does not have his camera when he has finally landed his first, and only, trout of the trip…
Anyway, after success with the carp in the Amazon Slough I went in search of new spots. I found fish feeding in some duck ponds in a park next to the Willamette River, but the place was packed with people feeding ducks and fishing for stocked trout from their lawn chairs most of the day and so I opted to return around dusk. This is the first fish I landed:
I was pretty impressed at this little character’s courage in attacking a worm almost as long as itself and thought it deserved a picture. After the sun set the carp moved into the shallows to feed and I was able to spot them with the help of a bright headlamp. I hooked up and lost several fish – including one which was almost in my net, before I caught this beauty:
It picked up my worm and disappeared into the darkness. When I finally stopped it I looked down and saw that I was one turn away from my backing. An excellent run.
The day before I left Oregon, with all my fishing gear packed up, I spent some quality time with my younger brother painting fish on a public graffiti wall. Guess who painted the carp?

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