Flight of the Eagle!

I wanted to get a quick blog posted before tomorrow; Tara and I are leaving in the morning for a week in Hawaii.

Recently, we ordered an inflatable boat, the Sea Eagle PaddleSki. The boats are a bit on the spendy side compared to some other inflatables, but they have a 180 day money-back guarantee so we decided to try it out this summer.
It wasn’t really warm on Sunday but we took the boat out for it’s maiden voyage anyway. Even though all we had was the small foot pump that Sea Eagle included with the boat, it took less than five minutes to inflate both pontoons and the attach the seats. We were in the water within ten minutes of arriving!
The boat paddled well, and was stable enough for me to stand up and spot some carp. I think it will prove to be a very nice little fishing vessel.
My favorite thing about the PaddleSki is that inflated it is longer than our car, but folded up it fits easily in our trunk.
On another note: I learned about a new spot last week and spent a chilly morning exploring. I managed to land a few more sunfish, including two spotted bass. I can’t wait to visit again…

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