Eagle-Eye View

Yesterday I took our new PaddleSki fishing for the first time. The point was to determine whether it is feasible for me to take the boat out alone, but the weather was grand so I was also hoping for some fish.
I found it easy to stand up and paddle or pole, and the high vantage point was perfect for spotting carp. Getting my fly to the fish was not so easy. When I put down the pole and picked up my fly rod, I left the boat at the mercy of the breeze which made it really hard to keep everything lined up long enough to make a cast. Tired of missing chances and spooking fish, I anchored and slipped into the water for some good old-fashioned wading. I was soon rewarded with a nice fish:
I dedicated most of the rest of the afternoon to casting from the boat. It got easier, and I feel that with some more practice I should be able to start catching carp from the boat.
Here’s looking forward to more days like this soon!

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