Dr. Frankenstein

As I mentioned, the carp have begun to spawn. I have been thinking about setting up an aquarium for some time, and I thought it would be fun to put wild carp in it. Since all of the carp I catch, or see for that matter, are far too big for a dinky home aquarium, catching them with hook and line seemed like a poor idea. So, I hatched a new plan. I decided to try and grow wild carp from eggs.
The first step in collecting eggs was to find spawning fish. That’s not too hard, it looks like this:

In particular I wanted to find fish spawning near some good submerged vegetation, something the fertilized eggs would adhere to so I could collect them easily. Something like the roots at the base of a tree:
Success! Carp eggs:
I collected a strand of fine tree roots with perhaps 100 eggs on it and set it in my tank:Now we just wait and see….

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