One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Dead Fish.

The carp hatchlings have died! Every day there were a few more fatalities, but the majority of our small fry were eating and growing steadily, though slowly. Yesterday I awoke to find all of the fish had perished in the night.
This is not as surprising as it might seem. Just a tiny bit of soap residue on my hands, or too great a temperature difference between the tank and the water I added the evening before could easily have caused the catastrophe.
Despite this setback, my first attempt at raising wild carp was more successful than I had anticipated, so I was anxious to collect more eggs and try again.

half of a large catamaran and a semi trailer

Unfortunately, an abnormal amount of rain this month has caused high waters everywhere, making egg collecting nearly impossible. yacht club sailboats; the catamaran on the right is still attached to it’s trailer

The flooding has also made fishing frustrating – mostly because I’m not sure how the various species will respond to these conditions. I did find one feisty fellow swimming in a flooded meadow:

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