Bluegill Soup

Labor Day weekend, Tara and I took three of our friends fishing. Heather has been fishing with us before, but she had never actually caught a fish. Hang and Dapeng, two of our friends from China, had never even been fishing.
I knew the best way to remedy this situation was a tub of nightcrawlers and my favorite bluegill spot. I only have one light tackle spinning rod, so we had to take turns, but it wasn’t long before everyone had succeeded in landing fish.

Dapeng with a hungry bluegill

Hang with her very first fish

Heather landed a big’un with the fly rod

Tara showing off her skills

Dapeng with a keeper

We had a great afternoon of fishing. Everyone easily caught fish with bait so I broke out a fly rod and let everyone take a turn at that. It turned out that nymphing produced the biggest fish of the day.

On our walk in, we came across this strange little fellow:

2 thoughts on “Bluegill Soup

  1. Hi Adam, that looks really cool. Can you tell me your secret spot for fishing? Is that close to Nashville. The one we went is really far, like more than 60 miles.


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