big fish dreams

I’m getting excited for our upcoming trip to Florida and the Caribbean. Plans are being made and it looks like I’m going to get some good fishing time in.
We have two days in Miami before our cruise leaves and I’ve made plans to go with Cordell Baum, a local bonefish guide. I’ve been fishing with Cordell before but the weather was uncooperative and we couldn’t chase bonefish. Here’s hoping for better luck this time!Our cruise stops in Grand Cayman, The Bahamas, Mexico and a small island off the coast of Honduras. I don’t know if there will be any opportunities for me to fish or not but I’ll have my gear just in case.
After the cruise we are flying directly to Pensacola so Tara can attend a math conference. I have checked out the area with my favorite fishing tool, GMaps and
it looks like there is a lot of accessible shoreline within walking distance of our hotel. There is some great variation in the bottom and probably some substantial seagrass beds which means it is great habitat for all sorts of gulf coast species like the redfish below which was caught last spring in late march by a client of one of the local charter guides.

One thought on “big fish dreams

  1. Have a lovely cruise! I've been out canoing with the family this last month. It's slow going with Sarah and Gwen doing the paddling, but we figure they are in training and its cheaper than a gondola.


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