Reckless Optimism

Besides fishing, I have also been trying to land a job since moving back to Honolulu. The economy may be suffering a fit of depression but I am optimistic about finding a great job, maybe not right away, but it’s definitely coming down the pike.
In the meantime I have re-kindled another project: Kung-Fu Carping. Two years ago I wrote a short article with that title that was published in The Drake. That success inspired me to turn the article into a short book on carp fishing. I more or less finished writing last year, with a lot of help from many wonderful people, but the illustrations for the book did not get completed. Recently I have been working on coloring some of the old drawings and also adding some new images to the mix. I don’t have a goal in mind regarding the number or content of the illustrations but I’ll keep drawing as long as I’m inspired!

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