Papio Sashimi

Last weekend I met up with Kirk for an evening of fishing near Kaneohe. I had fished the spot once before and caught some nice papio.
If bonefish are the saltwater doppelgangers of carp then I suppose trevally are the Hawaiian version of bass. Locals call trevally by their Hawaiian name, ulua, and small ulua are known as papio. These fish are among the top inshore predators in tropical waters around the world. They are are an equal mix of speed and appetite which make them extremely popular gamefish. Papio prowl reefs and rocky ledges, often attacking baitfish, or lures, right in the middle of the surf zone.
We fished with heavy jigs, casting them out and bouncing them back over the sand towards the reef edge. We reached a narrow channel just at dusk where Kirk hooked up right away. While fighting the fish, he yelled for me to come over and as I approached, he pointed to the water just in time for me to see a school of a dozen more papio speeding by. I made some frantic casts but the fish had moved on.
We fished the channel until the sunlight was gone. Kirk landed one more papio there and one more as we waded back through the shallows. I had no luck catching fish but I was lucky enough to take two of Kirk’s fish home with me for a delicious sashimi dinner!

 With the camera still broken I can’t upload any of the photos I took so instead 
I doctored an old photo to give an idea of where we were.

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