Hail Hawaii

My failure to post recently is directly related to my failure to go fishing recently.
I have been doing some fishing research. Specifically I’ve been reading about catching bonefish on ultra-light spinning gear and about a week ago I really got the itch to get out and try some of these techniques. That’s about when this happened (from Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog):

A waterspout made landfall on the Hawaiian island of Oahu Friday morning on the east shore town, becoming a rare Hawaiian tornado as it moved through the towns of Lanikai and Kailua… The same storm also brought golf ball sized hail raining down for about 45 minutes on Oahu. The islands have seen intense rains… Rainfall amounts over the past week have exceeded three feet in some locations.

The storms created a flood of muddy runoff that churned around the island and ruined a lot of vacations. It also marred the waves at a Women’s pro surfing contest on the North Shore (photo from Surf News Network):

I assumed that the presence of so much fresh water would temporarily ruin fishing conditions on the flats and so a I stayed home, twiddling my thumbs and checking the weather forecast every two minutes. Conditions have improved somewhat and I was debating whether or not to wait another day when I saw the most recent post on the Nervous Water Hawaii Blog. Apparently, muddy water does not ruin the fishing conditions. I guess that settles the debate. I’m going fishing!

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