I met up with Kirk sometime before sunrise on an unspecified date and headed off to do some top-secret fishing. Our mission was to attempt to make contact with a very large, very elusive Hawaiian bonefish: The O’io.
After a supply stop for coffee we went in search of a shady character known as “Mr. Crabs” who would we were hoping would help us locate The O’io. We cast a wide net and soon flushed Mr. Crabs from his hiding place. Our plan was to lure The O’io in with a trusted intermediary. Mr. Crabs initially balked at being used as bait but our methods were very persuasive.
From the staging area we headed warily into to AO. Conditions seemed favorable and right away we saw signs that The O’io was in the area. I was bringing Mr. Crabs back in for a status update when the ambush hit. Mr. Crabs never had a chance. The battle was furious and at one point I was certain we weren’t going to make it but somehow we did.

Our best sources indicate that The O’io weighs in around 20 pounds. Intelligence analysts estimate that this fish might be somewhere north of 10 but that The O’io is still out there.

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