Winter is Coming

IMG_0097Winter in Hawaii brings gentle seas to the south shores of our islands.  Two weeks ago brought a foreshadowing of those calm conditions and, with a little cooperation from the tides, I was able to get out for some sunset papio fishing.  Sunset fishing at a new spot always makes me a bit cautious because without good knowledge of the area you can end up twisting an ankle or accidentally going for a swim in the growing darkness.  Indeed, another day I tried a new spot at dusk and ended up scraped and soaked from head to toe with zero fish to show.  But on this particular afternoon I found a magical spot where I caught three papio in the glow of the setting sun.  Imagine jumping between the tops of huge boulders, and imagine that those boulders are submerged in water so that the tops are only knee deep while the crevasses between are filled with water so dark blue and mysterious that it lures you dangerously close just to peer into it’s depths.  Add to this scene sea turtles.  Noble, shaggy giants appearing as if by magic and gently drifting away again like dragons in the clouds.  In between turtle sightings the papio would strike like lightning.  Furious, blue-edged and fighting with the confidence of the top predator that they are.  It’s some good fishing.


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