Robins of the Sea


We took a nice walk/wade on the flats last weekend and I brought along my saltwater fly rod.  The reel is on the cheap end and the finish is beginning to chip.  The rod, even cheaper than the reel, is beginning to show corrosion around the guides.

Tara found a snowflake moray out hunting on the reef.  I managed to spot a group of feeding bonefish and point them out to Tara.  We also saw a pair of big, scrawled tilefish tailing.  I made a couple of casts to them before they drifted away into deeper water.

It was a lovely morning but casting my old, used-up rod gave me just enough added momentum to finally go to Nervous Waters Hawaii, the local, hole-in-the-wall fly shop and invest in some quality saltwater fly fishing gear.  While I was there I told Sean (the proprietor) about the filefish. He said that people have caught them using very small flies due to their tiny, puckered mouths.  He also said that filefish on the flats are a seasonal occurrence – a harbinger of Spring.  I only hope that Spring is a harbinger of some good fishing!

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