Take the Bait

I prefer active fishing: wading, casting, stalking fish.  I also strive for simplicity which means I prefer fishing with flies and lures over bait because I can pack less and don’t have to constantly maintain my terminal tackle.  But once in a while, I just want to sit on the beach.

“Dunking” or casting a baited hook and waiting for a fish to swim by and eat it, is definitely a relaxing way to fish.  It also adds a nice element of surprise.  Despite having control over when and where you fish, what size of hook and type of bait, you really don’t know what you will catch until it bites.

I like to bait fish with a “Carolina rig” because it presents the bait in a natural, drifting manner and allows the line to slip through the weight, which minimizes the friction the fish feels when it first bites.  This rig is not great for rocky bottoms where a leader can get tangled or the hook will snag easily.  Instead, I like to set my bait in sandy channels or pockets, close to a drop-off or reef edge where fish are likely to prowl.

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