It’s hard to believe we will be leaving Hawaii in just a couple of months! (More about that later.) Tara has been looking through some old photos and noticed that we didn’t have any good pictures of one of the iconic features of Oahu: Koko Head Crater and the Ridge over Hanauma Bay.

On a recent Sunday afternoon, we waded out on a flat with a good view of Koko Head, or so I thought. When I brought out the camera, I just couldn’t seem to fit the full feature into the frame.

The afternoon was not a total loss. We walked the edge of the flat and spotted about ten fish. The wind was blowing pretty good and they were hard to see, but there were a few decent shots. I got a couple of fish to follow my fly, but ultimately couldn’t find any takers. The next morning I was determined to get a better photo so I made my way to a different flat, just about a mile further than the previous one. This time I was able to fit everything in the frame.

Despite epic conditions, there were surprisingly few bonefish around, but I did manage to hook one fish. Thankfully it was small so I was able to land it before it could break me off in the rocks.


2 thoughts on “Photo-Op

  1. Aloha! I’ve enjoyed browsing your blog. I work for a hunting & fishing magazine and would like to make an image use inquiry (I’ve been unable to locate your email, here). Please reach out via the email provided. Many thanks! –Eric


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