Adventure is out there, so why am I in here?

After more than a decade back in Hawaii, Tara and I have quit our jobs and joined the Peace Corps.

For real.

In two weeks we will lug all of our worldly possessions onto a flight bound for the Eastern Caribbean to help develop English literacy in rural primary schools. We don’t know exactly where we will be posted, but don’t feel sorry for us, it will be one of four island nations in the lesser Antilles: Dominica, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, or Grenada. Any way you cut it, we’ll be trading one tropical island paradise for another.

I have, of course, done plenty of internet research into the fishing opportunities in all four locations, but other than deep sea fishing I have found minimal information about sport fishing. There will probably be some nice trevally around, and quite possibly some tarpon. There are a few rumors of bonefish in Grenada, and even some permit in Tabago, but I have a feeling that some serious exploration may be required, so that’s exciting. In the meantime, I have pre-written some of the forthcoming content for my blog, so stay on the lookout for that.

It’s difficult to describe, and a bit overwhelming to consider, just how meaningful the last ten years of fishing, and life, in Hawaii have been. I’ve made some true friends, and lost a few too. They have shown me more about the islands and the ocean than I can probably appreciate in one lifetime, and I’d like to think that they managed to turn me into a halfway decent fisherman along the way.


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