Fueled by Fish

After Hurricane Ike closed down refineries in Texas a week or so ago, there was some disruption in the supply lines bringing gasoline to Nashville. Those attracted by the drama of a shortage began lining up at gas stations. This DID cause a shortage because people who didn’t really need gas, or people who would normally have just put in a quarter of a tank were suddenly topping off every chance they got, and filling up extra gas cans too! The “psychological gas shortage” (as my friend has dubbed it) did not stop Mike and I from visiting a local bass spot on the Harpeth River System.
Mike hadn’t been to the stream in years and was suprised at the changes. Erosion had widened the streambed which meant shallower water and so the big bass of his youth had moved on to new homes. There were still some fish and we had fun wading from pool to pool, catching fish where we could:

This is a well hidden spot – one I never would have found without some local help. A real Tennessee treasure…

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