A day at the beach

The water level has dropped in Percy Priest Lake, making one of my favorite spots perfect for wading. With the sun shining, the wind calm and the water warm, yesterday afternoon was a picture perfect carp fishing day… without the carp. I don’t know where the fish have gone. There is ample food on the flat – I saw thousands of baitfish, crawdads, and plenty of feeding fish, but only two carp. One was literally scratching it’s back on a sunken log, probably in response to parasites, the other one was feeding but disappeared before I could say ‘wooly bugger.’
I hooked up to three decent bass, lost the first two but hung on to the third:
It’s a pretty good size bass, but when you have carp on the brain, even a world record largemouth is just a medium sized fish that doesn’t pull too hard.

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