Thoughts on Victory

Where’s the walking stick?
Yesterday I went fishing for bluegills to use as bait for catfish, and I was reminded of something.
I can’t remember when I started fishing for bass or trout, but it took me three days of fishing to land my first catfish. I don’t feel that catching cats is much harder than sunfish, nor easier than trout. I do remember trying to catch my first carp. That was difficult. I fished nearly every day for weeks before I landed one.

Softshell turtle.
Yesterday I ran across several carp feeding and managed to put a carp wooley in front of them. The first fish I cast to, in front of and just to the side of it’s head, immediately darted to my fly and inhaled. We played tug of war for a bit. The fish never really ran far, but I could feel it shaking it’s head in irritation. Unfortunately, the head shaking worked and my fly popped free.

Our next President. Yay!
The second carp I spotted was a big fellow, and was heading right towards me. I gently lowered my fly and the carp barely altered course as it hoovered the wooley up. The big fish started to run, pulling me along the slippery bottom and nearly into the water and then let the fly go. I don’t think the hook ever set, the fish simply had it clamped in it’s lips for a moment. Just long enough to remind me that while I enjoy catching all kinds of fish, I love catching carp.

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