Fat Cats

There are so many variables in fishing. My first try catfishing was in shallow water with hot dogs as bait. My second try was in deep water, this time using fresh chunks of sunfish as bait. Although I caught bass both days, I am certain that neither effort elicited a catfish nibble. So, on my third try I decided to try something totally different. I abandoned the reservoir, and instead attacked the Stone’s River tailwater just as the sun was rising.I tried casting my bait near undercut banks and fallen logs, and into deeper pools with low current. It wasn’t long before I felt a sharp strike, and though there was no fish on, my confidence soared. I was sure it had been a catfish. I moved downstream to the next promising area and soon had my first channel catfish:
Having read that catfish are often caught in groups because they tend to congregate around underwater structure, I recast to the same spot and was rewarded with a second fish:

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