Warm Memories

Well, it’s winter time. I know the trout are active, but I’m not yet desperate enough to stand outside and swing nymphs through the water, hoping a little hatchery fish hooks itself. Instead, I thought I’d recall some nice warm fishing memories instead.
My friend Kirk took this picture in Hawaii some years back. We were fishing one of his secret ulua spots when I caught this wrasse. I’m not sure what species it is, but in Hawaii, people call it a ‘table boss’ because at the end of the meal, this guy is the last one on the table! I didn’t keep this fish so I can’t say how it would have tasted, but regardless of flavor it was fun to catch.

One thought on “Warm Memories

  1. Jeepers creepers Adam, it’s warm water fishing—uhhh—-in a wetsuit. I know, we have been through why, but consider what you will need in the Oregon winter rivers. Hummmm. New adventure mobile may really be entering the picture soon. 72 Datsun wagon, with fully collapsible rear seat. Imagine, surf boards, fishing poles, and coolers for the catch all go straight in the back end of the car. No compromise. I just hope to great table-boss-god that somebody has had the good sense to make a odor-proof cooler. werd


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