Broken Hooks and Broken Hearts

I’ve lost a lot of fish this season. Human error, broken tippets, or simply coming unhooked. Breaking a hook, however was the final straw for me:
I tie these little worm flies on stainless steel saltwater hooks. The fish that snapped the bottom one wasn’t even that big (for a carp anyway,) and not nearly as big as the monster that broke my line a few days before that.
So I went shopping. I bought heavier tippet and new, larger hooks. I tied up a bunch of carp flies and hit the water again. The conditions are still pretty bad. The water remains very murky, much worse than last year, but the carp are active and I can usually find a couple in the shallows where they can be caught:

This action shot is a self-portrait. The fish decided to go for a bit of a swim so I had time to reach over and set the self-timer on the camera.

I usually take a picture of a fish as soon as I get it out of the water. It’s a posterity shot, just in case it escapes before I can take a proper photo.

The “proper” photo.

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