Low Sodium

I can hardly believe that in two days I will be on the flats of Biscayne Bay fishing for bonefish. I don’t get to go bonefishing very often these days so to make the most of my trip I’ve been preparing myself.
Randall Kaufmann’s Bonefishing With a Fly (the newer edition is Bonefishing!) is one of my favorite fly fishing books. I’ve been re-reading every paragraph and trying to pack all of it’s advice into my head.
Since this trip is coming at the end of a long winter I figured I should warm-up my casting arm so I’ve also been out in the yard every day for a week casting intently to trees and bushes.
Finally, I took advantage of a stretch of warm weather to do some “on the water” practice. There are no bonefish in Tennessee but fortunately their freshwater doppelganger is plentiful. Carp are incredibly similar to bonefish in many respects and so are the angling strategies used to pursue them.
We took the boat out to a small recreational impoundment hidden in the rolling hills west of Nashville and there we were rewarded with warm sunshine and plenty of hungry fish. After this nice boost of confidence I feel ready for some salt!

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