Properties of Water

It’s a funny time of year. The weather has warmed dramatically and people have burst into action – joggers, cyclists and even fishermen. But fishing right now is a bit premature, at least if one wants to catch fish. It is a lesson which I have learned the hard way, having spent many early Spring days eagerly searching for fish that just weren’t around yet. 
The problem is that water is thicker than air. That means it takes much longer to warm up, and since cold-blooded fish are the same temperature as the water around them, Spring always arrives later for our piscene friends than it does for us.
Yet this is what makes fishing so interesting, and what sets it apart from activities like hunting or bird-watching. Fish are profoundly exotic creatures precisely because of this difference in density, because Light and sound behave differently underwater, because turbulence occurs at lower velocities and because oxygen dissolves. For me, catching a fish is like meeting an alien, a life form from another world. And for that experience, I will happily wait just a little longer.

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