Badgers and Beavers

With the equinox passed, spring has officially begun. So far I have only spent a couple of days on the water. The fishing has been mediocre because spring rains have not yet allowed water conditions to stabilize.
However, there are fish moving, and eating. I hooked some sunfish on a cool afternoon early in the month and yesterday I confirmed that the carp are beginning to move into the shallows. 
Between the hungry fish and ever-improving conditions I foresee some good fishing in the near future.
The non-aquatic wildlife is also getting active. In one afternoon of fishing with a friend, we spotted at least half a dozen bird species including hawks, Wood Ducks, nesting geese, a pair of Hooded Mergansers and an endless field full of wild turkeys. We also spotted an aquatic mammal, probably a beaver, and a lone badger trundling down a wooded slope. We watched the badger reach it’s den near the water’s edge and, quite unconcerned with our presence, lie down for a nap in the sun.

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