Behind the Hoover Dam

Author’s Note: I wrote this a few days ago but, due to some restructuring by Google, it seems to have gotten deleted! This is my attempt to re-write the post!

Tara recently attended an AMS special session at UNLV in Las Vegas and so I took a weekend off work to accompany her. We had a few days on either end of her conference to sightsee and we took one of those to visit Lake Mead. I had read about carp in the lake and they were not hard to find.

I had a fly rod with me but unfortunately fishing is prohibited near the marina. By chumming with cheetos we attempted to lead the fish to a spot on shore where I could fish but they would not leave the shadow of the dock.

We spent the afternoon on scenic Lakeshore Drive, stopping from time to time to look around. The views were great but we didn’t see any other fish.

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