The Big Island

I’ve been fishing for bonefish with my new reel. As with fly fishing, there are two basic techniques: sight-fishing and blind-casting. I’ve tried sight-fishing but my lures are too light to cast well. My birthday is at the end of this month and I have my fingers crossed for some bonefish jigs that are a bit heavier. I spent a couple of hours blind-casting today with no luck, but towards the end of the day I switched things up and managed to catch a small papio in the shallows. 
Papio are fast and always hungry and this little fish got me excited for our upcoming trip to the Big Island. Naturally, our priority is checking out Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, but I’m confident there will be a little bit of time to do some fishing. The Big Island of Hawaii is geologically much younger than Oahu so it’s coastlines are steep and often rocky. Not ideal for bonefish, but possibly great for papio.

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