A Shark Named Iselle

I went fishing on the heels of Hurricanes Iselle and Julio, two storms which didn’t seem to affect our neighbourhood even slightly.  The water was murky with run-off from rain in the mountains and there was quite a bit of debris washed up on the sand.  I spent about an hour casting for bonefish along the flat without a bite, or even seeing any signs of fish.  Strolling through the shallows back to shore I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and spotted a black-tipped shark fin in the water.  I have spent some quality time with blacktip reef sharks, enough to say with confidence that this was a big fish!  The gap between fin and tail definitely put it in the 6 foot plus range.  The shark was cruising very slowly away from shore, no more than 40 feet from me.  Now, I should probably have gone for my camera but instead I did what any self-respecting flats fisherman would do.  I made a cast!  I dropped my 3/16 ounce shrimp jig about six feet in front of the shark and gave it a couple of quick jerks but the shark showed absolutely no response and continued placidly into deeper water until it’s fin finally disappeared under the surface.

Two days later I got up at dawn and went out to the same area.  After about 15 minutes I found a dozen tails in thigh deep water and hooked a nice bonefish.  It made three long runs and I got it within about 15 feet of me before it came unhooked and swam to freedom.  I fished for another hour or so until the sun was away from the horizon and called it a day.  Just as I turned around I glimpsed, not more than 200 feet from me, a black tipped fin followed by a black tipped tail slip under the surface.  I waited for a few minutes but the shark had gone.  Though I didn’t get a good look, it may have been the same one I spotted two days earlier … is Iselle here to stay?

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