Almost Skishing


I recently picked up an anchor for our inflatable boat and have been paddling out to some more rugged fishing spots.  I have been experimenting with different conditions – trade winds, Kona winds, medium-low tides and small surf, low tides and moderate surf, all to see which spots are fishable in which conditions.  Although there is a noticable difference in accessibility and ease of fishing depending on these variables I have had consistent success with actually catching fish, mostly small papio but a few sizable ones here and there.

Some of the more challenging days have seen me literally swimming at times and have left me with bruised knees, scratches and sore muscles.  Despite the hazards I enjoy the adventure, especially when I am catching fish!  I don’t have any real plans to attempt “skishing” (yet) but I am seriously considering investing in a high end reel that can handle repeated submersion in saltwater.


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