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There have been some recent computer issues that made blogging difficult. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there hasn’t been much news on the fishing front. We took a trip to meet my parents on Maui over Spring Break and I did some Papio fishing on the South side of the island.


The water looked good but there wasn’t much action, though I did catch one fish in the surf. I was too far away from my bag to get a photo, but a tourist nearby snapped some with an expensive looking camera so there are probably pictures of that fish somewhere on the internet.

We went whale watching from Lahaina which was very successful. I even managed to get a decent photo! The weather was a cool and overcast during much of the trip so the water wasn’t especially inviting, but we did snorkel a little bit, and that was excellent too, lots of nice reef fish and a few close encounters with some big Honu.


Back on Oahu we have had cold fronts moving through almost weekly which has kept the fishing poor. A few weekends ago, instead of fishing I opted to join Tara and a friend on a dive boat, something I enjoy but don’t do very often. The conditions were prime and I had fun trying to remember how to scuba!


Last weekend I did a bit of fishing with my friend Kirk. It was a nice morning and I had fun fishing a spot I had not been to in years. I caught a pretty stout Hawkfish and Kirk managed an eating sized Papio from the edge of the reef.

We have also had some good wild life encounters here at home this year. I bumped into a big lazy Monk Seal at one of our neighborhood spots, and Tara and I spotted some baby Eagle Rays and a four foot black tip reef shark from our paddle boards.



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