Fish Art

This is a birthday card I received from my family last Fall. The painting was done by my father, Terry McIlrath. He has been a professional artist since before I was born, and has been drawing, painting and sculpting fish images for just as long.

Fish and art have long been parallel themes in my own life and I guess it is only natural that they have combined in many ways.



In my last post I mentioned how Winter can be a long and frustrating season for those who fish. One of the ways I have channeled my excess fishing energy during the short, cold days of Winters past has been creating fish and fishing related art. I recently took a look back through some of my old sketchbooks and digital archives and decided to post some of my images online. I have also added a link on this site and will try to update the page with old and new images from time to time.

The last thing I want to add is a shout-out to a few of the artists who inspire me. Besides my father ( I have also been taken recently by the art of Tim Borski and Ryan Keene. I hope that my efforts, or one the links above, will inspire someone to create their own fish art.

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