Another May

Looking back I realized that I started this blog eleven years ago this month.


During that time, many of my favorite blogs have disappeared. Their authors have gotten busy or moved on to more current social media platforms, but about once a month I still sit down and post something. I don’t use “hashtags” (formerly known as pound signs) and I typically write more than 140 characters. I rarely include links anymore because I have found that most of them end up with a 404 error after a couple of years.

I started keeping a blog because it was the only form of journal I seemed to be able to stick with. Mostly, it continues to fill this purpose for me, a record of my fishing experiences, but I am pleased to see that other people occasionally stop by and read a post, and hopefully they find something useful to take with them.

The past few months have felt very busy, with hardly any time to get out and fish. I did spend one day fishing Lake Wilson with Kirk. Lake Wilson is a unique and peculiar place and I plan to write a bit more about that trip soon.

I also caught a ride on Makani’s boat one morning. I hooked one bonefish but it got away. Makani managed to pick a stray fish from a huge school of oio circling the flat. We also spotted some giant trevally and a pretty big blacktip shark cruising around.

In other news, we are taking a short trip to Oregon, where I am hoping to hook a couple of hungry Springtime carp on the Columbia. Later in the month we are heading to French Polynesia to sail for a couple of weeks. Hopefully that will be a productive fishing trip too!

3 thoughts on “Another May

  1. I’m on the north shore. If you are in the area and want to fly fish, give me a call (808 four nine two two 6 five 9). Have a SUP and will travel.


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