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Back in January, after several intense weeks at work, I finally got out on the water for my first full day of fishing of 2022. I really wanted to catch my first bonefish of the year, and I did. It was a 3-4 pound fish that bit my small mantis shrimp fly on the edge of the flat. But before that, something crazy happened!

After it all went down, Ed and I headed back to the ramp. Chris was already rinsing his boat, and his father, Stan Wright, stopped by to talk story. Stan was a host of Let’s Go Fishing, one of Hawaii’s staple television fishing shows, so he is pretty dialed into the local fishing scene. After I told him about my day, he suggested I submit a piece to the Hawaii Fishing News, our statewide, monthly periodical for all things fishing. I had intended to use the story for a blog post, but I deferred to Stan and sent it to HFN.

It appears in the March issue:

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