The Importance of Play

It has been a busy Spring for me and fishing time has not been abundant. The scarcity has reminded me of the importance of play, which can apply to anything you enjoy doing, not just to fishing. It is easy, at least for me, to let my mind get captured by the idea of “progress,” of achieving goals, but I think that real enjoyment comes not from accomplishment, but from the doing itself.

There is a certain elation that comes with catching that big fish, or that new new species, but when that is your focus, then not reaching the goal can be very frustrating and disappointing. It’s one thing to fail and be able to hit the water the next morning, and the morning after, to try again, but when your next opportunity is uncertain, might not be for weeks, that can be a pretty low feeling.

Instead, if we approach a day of fishing, or doing whatever, with a sense of play, it’s much easier to meet the goal: just to have some fun.

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