The Lieutenant Colonel

A cold fall day on the water today. The wind has been up so I left the fly rod at home and brought along the Whuppin’ Stick, hoping to find some carp or catfish feeding in deeper waters. I must admit that I am a novice at baitfishing. I know that sounds odd – put some tasty morsel on a hook, throw it in the water, wait until something eats it … how hard can it be? Well, I spent most of my day losing tackle on submerged rocks and trees and feeding hot dog slices to hungry turtles. I guess I need to do some more reading on the subject.
Not to be left fishless, I decided to tie on a popper and look for bass on my way back to the car. I love fishing top water lures like this because it reminds me of fishing for ulua in Hawaii. Plus, it usually catches fish:

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