NOVEMBER: stripers

NOTE: I am not a big fan of winter. When the weather turns cold I get less active; I do less fishing, and less blogging. Due to a fairly cold and snowy winter so far, I’ve gotten two months behind in posting what little fishing-related news I do have. In an effort to catch up, I intend to retroactively publish posts for November and December.

The carp had gone deep for the winter and so my friend Toby suggested we catch some bait and try for striped bass. Our first stop was below the dam where Toby managed to hook two baitfish (herring or shad of some kind.)

Next we headed above the dam and rigged up four rods with fresh cut-bait. We had some action on one rod but whatever was out there avoided the hook and escaped with a meal. It was a bit too cold to be comfortable just standing around but we stayed out until dusk, which, at this time of year, comes at around 4:30 pm!

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