Artificial Sweetener

According to the National Weather Service, April is the peak of tornado season in Tennessee and, naturally, with tornadoes comes their progenitors: thunderstorms! Sudden rains swell streams whose dirty water is then deposited in the reservoirs and rivers, conditions that make for tough carp fishing. Fortunately, I happen to know of a small lake near Nashville which maintains fishable conditions through the spring. Unfortunately, a recent thunderstorm downed dozens of trees on the access road so I have not been able to get there. 
This morning, determined not to let these weather related set-backs keep me off the water I grabbed my spinning rod and waders and headed out to do some bass fishing. Earlier this spring I bought some soft plastic lures, made right here in TN, and I was curious to see how they would perform.

I was not disappointed. I didn’t fish for long but I landed a couple of nice bass and lost a couple more. 
The most surprising part of the morning came while I was wading across a mud flat and spotted an orange tail through the murk. I crouched low and stalked the carp carefully as it glided slowly over the bottom. I knew I couldn’t just cast my lure to the fish as the splash from the lead sinker would certainly spook it. Instead I improvised a version of The Heron Technique, a special method I have developed for fly fishing, and managed to get my lure in front of the carp’s head. The fish accelerated and paused abruptly. I raised my rod and set the hook. A few minutes later I had successfully landed a carp with an artificial lure on a spinning rod!

notice the white plastic lure sitting on my palm
I have heard of people catching carp with lures, I believe I may even have met one of them once, but until today I had only caught carp with flies or else some kind of bait. And while I probably won’t be making a great effort to replicate this feat it’s nice to know that it is possible.

One thought on “Artificial Sweetener

  1. Love this! You used the Heron technique–makes me want to read your book again. 🙂 First carp of the season, but definitely not the last. I miss you and can't wait to go fishing together soon!


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